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Affordable Turkish properties and cheap flights to Turkey.

The property market in Turkey boomed around 2004, however, sales are still buoyant and new buildings continue to rise up with the constant demand. It is often the case that a holiday maker visits Turkey just for a holiday and falls in love with the stunning coastline, way of life and opts to buy a holiday home. Turkish property prices are affordable and offer a standard of luxury living and with cheap flights Turkey is a real contender for the ideal holiday home or if you want to relocate on a permanent basis.

All across Turkey, there are fabulous luxury properties from apartments, duplexes and villas for sale, how about choosing a piece of land and designing your own villa? It’s a viable option and to be able to change your lifestyle and wake up to a beach, country or city view is an amazing change to make.

Even with the crisis that hit worldwide travel in 2015 and 2016 Turkey still received over 28 million visitors last year and Turkey remains as one of the most popular destinations in the world. According to data from the Association of British Travel Agents, the British visiting Turkey is growing around 20% per year encouraged by cheap flights Turkey is the place to be. Reports issued by Anna. Aero (passenger statistics) 44.3 million passengers went through Turkish airports between January and June in 2017 that is a 23.7% growth in the same period of last year reinforcing cheap flights Turkey is on everyone’s radar! There are so many lovely locations to choose from and with international airports dotted across Turkey and close to resorts it offers not only cheap flights Turkey is very accessible throughout the year.

Turkey has an impressive 8000km of picturesque coastline and over 436 blue flag beaches choosing a bad resort isn’t going to happen. The wonderful Aegean has a cool breeze and is less humid than the magnificent Mediterranean, all along this beautiful stretch of coastline are bays and coves with golden sandy beaches to tempt you to stay all day and soak up the glorious sun. One particular coastline is the Turquoise Coast with the dramatic backdrop of the Taurus Mountains known as the Toros in Turkish provides shelter and this mountain range runs approximately 560km parallel to the coast. The overall coastline here is almost 1600km (994 miles) which as you can imagine offers the most amazing panoramic views. This idyllic paradise is found between Bodrum and Antalya and its visitors return year after year, they don’t need to fly long haul it’s all here in Turkey around a four hours flight away from the UK therefore cheap flights Turkey is a desirable location for many.

Not only will you find beautiful beaches you will also find charming villages unspoilt by time, picturesque ruins and magnificent castles standing proud keeping watch over their cities. Starting from the coast of Bodrum and moving south east to Antalya there are some of the loveliest resorts found in Turkey along the way. Bodrum is a chic seaside resort well known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, a castle, marina and great shopping whether you like trendy boutiques or chic designer labels. It’s very upmarket with small villages shooting off from the main town centre.

Dalyan is a beautiful river town and has rock tombs cut into the cliff close to the ancient ruins of Caunos it’s peaceful, quiet, relaxing and home to Turtle Beach, which is one of the last breeding grounds of the Sea Turtles.

Dalaman is rich in history with its wonderful Roman bridges and the main attraction is that the airport is just 5 miles from the city centre. Visit the national park where you can capture stunning landscapes and relax on the beach there.

Gocek is a small but lovely resort often referred to as charming and pristine and is a favourite for yachts to drop anchor and visit one of the many cafes and restaurants that line the bay.

Fethiye is next with its wonderful harbour it’s built on the ruins of an ancient city and is a favourite with tourists due to its pretty vistas and small islands.

Oludeniz has some of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches and is ranked in the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world; I can guarantee you will have seen these beaches in a glossy magazine and wished you were there. Paragliding is a must to take in the stunning views of the cobalt lagoon.

Kalkan is a little gem it is one of the most charming little fishing villages with a lovely port and wonderful restaurants it’s unspoilt with its narrow winding cobbled streets that lead down to the bay that gives way to breathtaking views.

Along the coast, we come to Kas and it is pure heaven; get away from it all in this idyllic little town which remains totally unspoilt and offers the very best in underwater sports especially wreck diving.

Kemer is a modern resort with mixed beaches some are sandy and some are pebbles, there is a delightful marina with numerous restaurants.

Antalya is a sprawling city and known as the capital of the Turquoise Coast, famous for its Roman harbour and the charming old quarter.

Belek is a golfer’s paradise with top quality golf courses just 36km (22 miles) east of Antalya.

Side/Manavgat is very popular set amongst the ruins of a Roman city with lovely powdery sandy beaches and a delightful waterfall.

Last but not least is Alanya the beaches here are to die for and was once the favoured holiday spot of Sultans. The Fortress keeps a watchful eye over the city and it has wonderful restaurants and nearby attractions.

Turkey has adopted the Mediterranean diet and market stalls with fresh produce ranging from fresh fish especially in the harbour towns and villages, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade cheeses, farm eggs, olives, nuts, honey, locally produced virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and spices to fresh crusty bread are all available and very affordable. Restaurants serve everything from traditional local dishes to firm favourites and depending on which area you are the international menu can vary a little. The Aegean side of Turkey is mainly British expats whereas the Mediterranean coast is Scandinavian, Russian and German and the international dishes reflect this.

The Turks are extremely adept at picking up different languages and English is spoken widely throughout Western Turkey however the locals very much appreciate it when you try and speak to them in their own language.

As the Military check for foreign property buyers has ceased in some provinces, buying a property is easier than ever and obtaining your title deeds (Tapu) on the same day of completion is the same as a Turk buying and it’s brought a renewed confidence to invest in Turkey.

Which location are you searching for? Beach, city or countryside or combine city and beach it’s possible. With great locations and great property for sale which offer luxurious living that enhances your lifestyle whether it’s a holiday home or permanent residence Turkey has it all. There are 300 days of sunshine per year and waking up to sunny clear blue skies is a bonus and one you get used to quickly. Breakfast on your patio is something you cannot enjoy often in the UK however in Turkey it will be a regular occurrence. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Relaxing, sitting back, enjoying the views and deciding what you will do with your day!

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